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Library Closed, June 26, 2004

Re-opening July 19 at High Rock School

Lights out in the library   Closed sign   Sign - closing and reopening   Sign - Closed for Construction

The Library closed for the last time in its current Highland Avenue building at 5:00 p.m. on Saturday, June 26.

Vivian McIver at Circulation Desk

The last patron to check out books in this building was former Library Director Vivian McIver.

During the next three weeks, the entire contents of the existing building will be moved to the Library’s temporary home at the High Rock School.

The Library will reopen on July 19 at the High Rock School.

The book drops near the parking lot entrance of the existing building will remain open for the return of Library materials until the Library reopens at its new location.

While the Library is closed, the Friends of the Library won’t be able to accept donations of used books. After the Library reopens at the High Rock School we will begin accepting book donations again.

For more details, see the original announcement of the Library’s plans for the coming weeks.