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Demolition Photos

After several weeks of work clearing the interior and making structural preparations, demolition of the exterior structure of the 1961 and 1981 additions took place August 26-31, 2004. Removal of debris and cleanup of the site followed over the next week.

Thanks to Greg Shesko for most of the following photographs.

Area outside Children’s Room. Upstairs stacks. Cutting a beam that linked the 1961 addition to the 1915 building.
Children’s Room. Exit doorway from Community Room. Upstairs floor about half-gone.
Community Room and Young Adult area.
Dismantling one corner of the Young Adult area. The other corner of the Young Adult area falls. Working just to the rear of the 1915 building.
Parking lot entrance and 1981 addition. Opening the rear stairwell.
Stairwell above parking lot entrance. Area near the parking lot entrance. Brickwork topples as the Fire Department sprays to hold down dust.
Children’s Room entrance. 1961 addition after removal of 1981 addition. Excavator amid debris.
Original 1915 building remains. Rear of original building. Newly-vacant area behind original building.