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Old Friends Web Site Address Will Stop Working, July, 2020

When the Friends first began this web site in 2004, our Internet address (domain name) was needhamlibrary.org.

In 2012, we began to move gradually to a new Internet address, friendsneedhamlibrary.org

Since mid-2013, anyone who has visited our web site via the old address has seen a warning saying that our Internet address has changed, and asking them to use the new address instead.

As has long been planned, we are about to drop support of the old address. Around the end of July, 2020, the old address will stop working. Thereafter, the old address will no longer reach our web site.

So from now on, please use the new Internet address. If you haven't already, plese make a note of the new address friendsneedhamlibrary.org in your web browser's favorites or bookmarks.

Thank you.