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Forensic Science: The View from the Laboratory, January 25, 2009

Drew R. Killius
Senior Materials Scientist, Analytical Answers

Sunday, January 25, 2009, 2:00 p.m., Community Room
Needham Free Public Library, 1139 Highland Avenue, Needham, MA

Free and open to the public

Sponsored by the Friends of the Library

Friends of the Needham Public Library invites the public to “Forensic Science: The View from the Laboratory,” presented by Drew R. Killius, Senior Materials Scientist at Analytical Answers, Inc. in Woburn.

The phrase “under investigation” commands interest, whether it’s about a car ablaze, failed train engine, hit-and-run homicide, asbestos suspected in children’s play sand, alleged forgery on a will or questionable election documents, these words command interest. Not only next-of-kin and news reporters want answers; so do insurance companies and prosecutors. Drew, who is recognized as expert witness in analytical chemistry and microscopy in Massachusetts, Connecticut, Florida, New Hampshire, and Pennsylvania, will briefly review instruments, such as the OM, PLM, SEM, and EDS, used to examine evidence. His lively telling of cases that he has been involved with over the course of thirty years provides insight into how the legal system really works. Drew maintains that “Good science means never going to court.” Also aware of the courtroom’s potential for drama, he adds, “Send money, guns, and lawyers…”

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