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Investigating Sherlock Holmes in the Sesquicentennial of Arthur Conan Doyle's Birth, March 15, 2009

Daniel M. Polvere
Executive Committee Member, The Speckled Band of Boston

Sunday, March 15, 2009, 2:00 p.m., Community Room
Needham Free Public Library, 1139 Highland Avenue, Needham, MA

Free and open to the public

Sponsored by the Friends of the Library

The stories of Arthur Conan Doyle made The Strand a bestselling magazine in Victorian England. Their popularity with succeeding generations makes them and their author subjects of scholarly discussion, particularly by The Speckled Band of Boston. This Holmesian society will commemorate Doyle's birth one hundred fifty years ago in May. The Friends of the Needham Public Library invite you to join us to hear Daniel M. Polvere, a member of The Speckled Band's Executive Committee, as he relates the Scotsman's life story, pointing out significant influences in his work, such as who inspired the character of Sherlock Holmes. Steeped in the "canon" of Doyle's writings, Polvere describes the literary and social phenomenon of the observant detective then and now.

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